Pastor Léonard Gonitoua

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Pastor Léonard Gonitoua: President and Co-Founder

God called him while he was 10, in Bangui, Central African Republic. The following year, in 1982, he was baptized.

In 1994, God sent him to the Democratic Republic of Congo where he served the Lord in several churches and received biblical training.

He returned to Bangui in 1996 and led the Spiritual Awakening Mission Church from 1996 to January 2013, when he officially launched P.A.S. HOPFAN according to God’s will.

He became Pastor in 1996 and Evangelist in 1998.

He also serves God as a prophet, and interprets dreams and visions revealed by the Lord.

He is affectionately called “Shepherd” due to his commitment to follow Jesus Christ’s sheep.

He is married with six children, and lives in Bangui. (more in Testimonies)


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