Our objectives

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These are the objectives of P.A.S. HOPFAN:

To PRAY, i.e. to raise prayers to God for men and women, the Central African Republic where our organization is based, and for all nations in the world, based on the Bible; and to build houses or groups of prayer in the Central African Republic and all around the world.

To ACT, i.e. to follow the Word of God, guided by the Holy Spirit; and to implement concrete projects for men and women’s physical and spiritual growth, individual development, peace, economic and social development in the Central African Republic and around the world, according to the guidance provided by the Spirit of God.

To SERVE, i.e. to train disciples of Christ for them to bear the Fruit of the Spirit, as explained in the books of John 15:1-17, John 15:20, and Galatians 5:22-25; and to spread the Word of God, as contained in the Bible, throughout the Central African Republic and all around the world.


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