Your Christian Cultural and Spiritual Centers (CCSC)

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P.A.S. HOPFAN uses Christian Cultural and Spiritual Centers (CCSC) and houses of prayers as important tools to achieve its objectives. The CCSCs are open to anybody.

Whoever confesses the Christian faith and any other organization that also does so may use these Centers for God’s work.

The first CCSC is being set up in Bangui, Central African Republic, under the leadership of Pastor Léonard Gonitoua, President of P.A.S. HOPFAN. Services are planned to take place every Sunday, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., based on a program defined by God.

The weekly program of the CCSC in Bangui includes meetings of the houses of prayer and of children, and also meetings of the Center’s Departments (Public relations, Administration and finances, Evangelization, Intercession and deliverance, Praises, Training, Houses of prayers, Social work, Men, Women, Youth, Media), as well as biblical teachings.

On some occasions, the CCSC organizes other events based on the Lord’s guidance.

In the medium term, the CCSC will open other programs to help improve people’s intellectual capacity and skills, including initiatives to fight illiteracy.


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