GOD’s intervention

Matthew 5: 44-48

The prayers of my wife in  Bangui and those from the group of young Christians in Bouar triggered GOD’s intervention in my life. GOD’s Spirit began to take on me and to lead me to repentance and conversion. When the senior staff of the church in Bouar suspended the group of prayer, the leader of that group decided to pray in my house with my son Khader and myself. It was decided that I would do the Fast of Esther (three days and three nights without food and water). That was my first time to do such a fast; Ramadan is nothing compared with the Fast of Esther. However, the Lord supported me and, the second day, He talked to me through a vision where He gave me a stick, a sword and a Bible. The Lord told me that He was calling me like Moses, to push Muslims out of Islam. The spiritual name of Moses was given to me for that mission.

A young pastor took care of my spiritual progress with the Lord. I was baptized with my son Khader on March 24, 2007. A group of prayer was launched with 17 members and later grew to 70 members. The Lord gave me several spiritual gifts: knowledge, revelation, prophecy, tongues, healing and deliverance.

In September 2007, a mission from the EEFA church with Apostles Michel BANIBE, EEFA President, and Noël KOTAMANDJI, EEFA Spiritual Adviser, travelled from Bangui to Bouar. Official steps were taken with the relevant supporting documents before the administrative and ecclesiastical authorities to request the authorization to establish an EEFA church, to be led by Pastor Wilfried KPAWILENA, as the Pastor of the church, and with the support of Evangelist Moïse Mustapha DEYE, as the Pastor’s Assistant. The authorization was granted and the church established. To GOD be the Glory!”


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