Initial results are encouraging

The initial results for the school year 2014-2015 at Siloé School are overall encouraging, especially in primary school and for those who took the CEF1 (primary school certificate exam), the competitive exam to enter the first year of high school, and the BEC examinations (fourth year of high school).

Out of 164 children enrolled for the CEF1 (90 boys and 74 girls), 147 were present the day of the exam (82 boys and 65 girls), and 138 passed the exam (75 boys and 63 girls), i.e. a 93.87% success rate.

Out of 145 enrolled for the competitive exam to enter the first year of high school (90 boys and 55 girls), 133 passed, i.e. a 91.72 % success rate.

Finally, out of 20 enrolled for the BEC (15 boys and 5 girls), 17 passed (13 boys and 4 girls), i.e. a 85 % rate.

Out of 1,090 enrolled from the first to the last year of primary school (547 boys and 543 girls), 994 were present the day of the final exam, and 710 passed (344 boys and 366 girls), i.e. a 71,42 % success rate.

Results for the high school were also positive, though less encouraging, with a 58.27 % success rate (169 passed, including 98 boys and 71 girls) out of 319 enrolled (175 boys and 144 girls) and 290 present the day of the final exam (161 boys and 129 girls).

Moreover, 32 students from the fourth year (2), third year (4), second year (18) and first year (8) of high school got on the roll of honour. Five students also got recognition awards, including one from the third year, three from the second year and one from the first year of high school.

Among those of the fourth year of high school who passed their final exam, four were orientated towards literature, six towards economics, and five towards mathematics and sciences.

Siloé School has come to the sad conclusion that girls are the ones who stop their schooling more often, especially because their parents do not favour girls’ education. Siloé will implement sensitization activities targeting parents and girls to contribute to reverse the trend.


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Initial results are encouraging

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