Suzie Nzengou

© P.A.S. HOPFAN/Vice-President and Co-Founder

© P.A.S. HOPFAN/Vice-President and Co-Founder

Suzie Nzengou: Vice-President and Co-Founder

After having resisted the Lord for several years, she finally answered God’s call in 2003 and was baptized in Bangui, the Central African Republic, in the same year. In 2006, she joined the Church of the Spiritual Awakening Mission  led by Pastor Léonard Gonitoua.

After she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior, God began to give her specific messages about His plans for her life. One day, she decided to give her whole life to God and to serve Him fully, especially through P.A.S. HOPFAN.

She holds a Master (Maîtrise) in Information and Communication from Jean-Moulin Lyon III University and an Associate Degree (DEUG) in Applied Foreign Languages (English and Spanish) from Lumière Lyon II University, in Lyon, France. She was also trained in writing skills at New York University and in film-making and film producing (Dov S-S Simens) in New York, USA.

She is using her skills to serve the Lord.

She is married and lives in New York. (more in Testimonies)


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