Witchcraft, Magic

It is important to know that Marabouts work with witches and magicians without any problem; they get along very well to do evil. Marabouts are also entry points for magic, because they invoke spirits and connect those spirits with their clients. Most often, they invoke the Leviathan spirit for money transfers.

Witchcraft is transmitted through several means: Through the umbilical cord when someone is born;  through third persons (neighbours, friends, elderly people, etc.); through trade.

In the case of  agricultural work, that witchcraft transposes the best productions from neighboring fields to your fields.

For those who would like to have tireless sexual intercourse, women can be given a male sex organ to sleep with other women; the same with men. Witchcraft is also used for trade, business, studies, appointments, etc. or to kill people.


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2. Marabout practices

3. Spirits used by Marabouts, Witches and Magicians

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5. Witchcraft, Magic

6. My wife’s intercession

7. GOD’s intervention

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